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The Art Of Rolling Is A Joint Effort

Conned, Cylindrical, Pinned, Thick or Thin – These are just several shapes and types of a joint. We all love ourselves some smooth, perfectly shaped joints to chill with. So, let’s find out some unique styles of rolling a joint…

1. The Cross

Say Thanks to #SethRogan and #JamesFranco, The Cross Joint was first introduced in marijuana filled comedy, Pineapple Express and fans loved it. (Tip: The bigger joint should have equal amount of weed as the smaller one.) #crossjoint

Check out this video by: MassRoots

2. A Scorpion

Hello to all those paper art/Origami experts, wondering what has origami got to do with smoking a doobie? Wait no more, here’s presenting ‘Scorpion.’ (Tip: The legs should not have a tip. They should be rolled straight.) #scorpionjoint

Check out this awesome video by: Bokita

3. The Tulip

Is Tulip your favorite flower? It sure is the best choice for a lot of us. It is a specialty of #Amsterdam, Europe and can’t be ignored. Its very easy to make and to be baked with. (Tip: The tip should be tight.) #tulipjoint

Check out this video by: International Highlife

4. The Pinner

Oh, this one is the most famous and we all are familiar of how to make a nice, smooth #Pinnerjoint. This one is for all those who are always on the run and need a quick fix. (Tip: Make it tight to enjoy more *No Pun Intended*)

Check out this video by: MERRY JANE ft. Seth Rogan!

Marijuana Leaf

Hail the leaf, it’s a tribute to the holy #MaryJane. This joint is typically the most difficult to make. You need to have a lot of patience and practice to make it. (Tip: You need to make a long tight #joint to hold the leaf.)

Roll it, as you like. Play around with the art of rolling and enjoy it.

Don’t forget to grind it, it’s always a good idea to use a grinder, because hand crushed leaf doesn’t really do justice to a well-shaped joint.

Light it up evenly and take that toke.


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